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Baia Mare

Ivano Frankivsk


The civilization in Maramures, no matter its structure – traditional, laic or religious – was born and formed on a strong native bases and it represents a specific, peculiar product that has an intense character of wholeness.

The most convincing examples are the ethnographic regions, the well-known so-called “Countries”: Maramuresului Country, Lãpusului Country, Chioarului Country, and Codrului Country. These „Countries” represent old socio-economical communities organized either in cantons or based on certain natural environment, especially on depressions and are characterized by the unity of language, of certain types of occupations, costumes, architecture, and old traditional customs. They are the oldest social organizations, associations of country communities, formed even before the feudal states, using the earth, the woods, the waters, the rich subsoil jointly, and at the same time protecting the community’s territories, their animals and their crops from the possible invaders.

The rural civilization in Maramures mirrors a specific lifestyle characterised by oldness and continuousness. It is made up of a certain set of spiritual and material values and it represents the totality of technical knowlegde through which people have fructified an extremely varied natural potential, - from mountains to plains, including as well the intermediate level of plateaus and hills – so as to organise their social and economical lives.
We highlight the oldness of the settlements in these regions, fact that is proved by the numerous archeological discoveries and later, by written attestations. Thus, the household network , no matter their rank, was formed on the bases of strong traditional essence, as a peculiar and specific product of Romanian civilization. It ha a strong unitary character due to the specificity of their occupations – agriculture, animal breeding, wood exploitation, and lately the valuation of subsoil resources.

Maramureş county imposes itself as one of the most original ethno-cultural region in our country, being unitary from historical, ethnographic, folkloric, linguistic (Maramorosan sub dialect) and geographical ( typical intra-Charpatic depression )aspect.

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