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Romana Українська Magyar Français English
Romana Українська Magyar Français English
Baia Mare
Ivano Frankivsk


1. How can you reach Maramures?
Airport : Baia Mare ; On the road : E 60, E 571, DJ 1C ; Railway : Baia Mare
2. Which is the official language in Maramures and which are the languages spoken by the minorities?
The official language: Romanian; The language of the larger minorities: Hungarian, Romani;
3. Which is the official language in Ukraine?
The official language: Ukraine
4. Which is the official currency in Maramures?
5. Which is the official currency in Ukraine?
The Ukraine Grivna (UAH)
6. Which are the “dialects” in Maramures county ?
The Maramures popular idiom is one of the five basic sub dialects of the Draco-Roman dialect. This is spoken in the Historical Maramures, in the villages on Mara, Cosau and Iza rivers. In Maramures County the Chiorean, Lapusean and Codrenesc sub dialects are also spoken in the corresponding regions. They belong to the “Transylvanian Idiom”, however, having slightly been influenced by the Maramuresan dialect.
7. How to prepare the Maramuresan “maize in whey”?
„You put two measures of whey in the pot, then you add a measure of sweet milk and a measure of water. You taste it. If it is too sweet you add sour milk, if it is too sour you add sweet milk. Then you put the pot on the fire and you boil it for half an hour, mixing it all the time. Then you add maize powder, “as for porridge”, and you boil it for another quarter hour. Then you go on mixing it until the butter from the whey separates and gathers at the surface. (A. Georgeoni, 1936).
8. How to prepare the Maramuresan “Horinca”? - strong fruit alcoholic drink
„It is made of cereals and fruit. That of plum is boiled twice. The liquid that comes out first is called “susla”. This is put again in the boiler until it has no alcohol in it. This drink is usually very strong – 50 grade. The cereal alcohol has only 30 grade. At the important holidays ( Christmas, Easter, Saint John) they sweeten it with bee honey and thus they feast .” (I. Barlea, 1924).
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