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Baia Mare


Ivano Frankivsk


Ivano Frankivsk

“Come to Pre-Carpathians, nice people welcome you...”. These are words from the popular Ukrainian song “Come to Pre-Carpathians”. As well as the centuries-old intriguing history and scenery of majestic beauty that will welcome you. Land of the Carpathians is a truly mystical, mysterious land obviously touched by God. It is the ...


Transcarpathia (Zakarpatia Oblast) is a region in Ukraine with its capital at Ujhorod. The region has a surface of 12.800 km², and it has 1.252.300 inhabitants. The most important ethnical groups are: Ukraine (78,4%), Hungarian(12,5%), Romanian(2,6%) and Russian (2,5%). Since the end of the 10th th century until 1918, Transcharpati...


The civilization in Maramures, no matter its structure – traditional, laic or religious – was born and formed on a strong native bases and it represents a specific, peculiar product that has an intense character of wholeness. The most convincing examples are the ethnographic regions, the well-known so-called “Countries”: Maramu...

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